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Folklore Flirtations

There's one thing you may not know about me, although it probably will not come as a surprise, I am absolutely in love with fashion. I was never interested nor dared to share my fashion inspirations through fashion blogging and I do not intend to change that. But fashion and photography do have a lot in common and have a long passionate history together. My work has always showed signs of flirtation with fashion and you may have noticed this influence slowly growing stronger and stronger. In the ideal world I would love to have a full control not only over photography but also over styling.

But there's a catch, planning and executing entire shoot as a photographer while being full time employed is a lot to handle and at this stage I don't have enough time to be able to do both. I truly believe that one day I will be proficient enough to be able to execute entire shoot wearing two hats of both the photographer and the stylist. In the meantime I am looking to build long lasting creative collaboration with some talented aspiring London based stylists! So if you share my aesthetics taste and you're looking to expand your portfolio, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can find out more about my fashion inspirations by following this Pinterest board, this is where I collect variety of styles and trends that I would like to photograph. If your idea is somewhere there, I will sign it with my eyes closed.

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Today I will introduce you to one of the test shoots that I styled myself. I have a long term obsession with embroidered folk flair a la Valentino. The new autumn/winter Zara collection is seducing me with their cozy velvet garments adorned with Slavic patterns hailing resemblance to Russian and Ukraininan folklore. The test turned more into beauty shoots after I reviewed final shots. I could not resist concentrating on highlighting fresh bright and lushy make-up looks created by talented make-up artist Laura Onea, who shares my admiration for folklore. Red lips and rusty toned eyeshadow highlights natural beauty that very much goes with the green background. For this shoot I had a pleasure of photographing beautiful model Nancy Morris who is also healthy lifestyle enthusiast and vegan, blogging on SuperfoodScrumptious. This shoot is also one of the first studio shoots I will be featuring on this blog in the feature. Let me know what you think about the folklore styling and the lush green shots!

blonde valentino russian ukrainian folk zara valentino red lips studio laura one nancy morris kat terek fashion beauty photography bohenian boho greenery slavic polish blonde valentino russian ukrainian folk zara valentino red lips studio laura one nancy morris kat terek fashion beauty photography bohenian boho greenery slavic polishblonde valentino russian ukrainian folk zara valentino red lips studio laura one nancy morris kat terek fashion beauty photography bohenian boho greenery slavic polish

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Autumn in Gold Dancing In The Wind

Leaves fall to the ground covering the dirty ground with rust. No other season ever makes redheads so attractive. Autumn brings back hugs to the bedrooms on the cold nights and tons of cinnamon tea. The heavy wind cries outside our walls competing for attention with the noises of the busy Camden High Street.

This time of the year I spend my evenings editing photos. Golden sun no longer shines after working hours. All the location shoots are left for the weekends under a question mark or an umbrella. Autumn brings calm after restlessness of the summer nights filled with running around with a camera, endless banter and saying yes to everything.

With rain and cold air outside and blues in my ears I let go of everything. It's easier to see clearly what is it that I really want and that I don't necessarily need it to happen right now. Good things require time to grow. These are just the days that must happen to you. Autumn is painfully beautiful, so short and dark, and I can never get rid of a feeling that it will never fully belong to me. Some things are supposedly more precious because they don't last for long. Autumn came with wind and gold, dancing dream that will end before it even started.

These photos are from a walk around Notting Hill with Riennahera in September. That day I had the most rogue sense of humour that clearly interfered with beauty and classiness of that neighbourhood. We discovered some wonderful secret gardens and elven houses but no, we didn't sneak in inside.

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Follow The Tuesday Night Melody


She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

Nikita Gill


Recent months were like a crazy rollercoaster. I worked on many different projects in parallel and most of them have to be kept secret until the right time comes. After few months of creative crisis I came back with an enhanced power to imagine and photograph. Yoga, herbal teas and healthy food have found their way back to my daily life. If I want to be in this business for good I need to learn how to cool down my shaken nerves and nourish my body to save myself from walking on walls.

Tonight, I am sharing with you a session with Belgian artist Daphne Huynh, captured in midsummer, on my birthday. Daphne is an adventurous woman of many talents including acting, modelling, burlesque and pole dancing and photography. She's a true artistic soul and though our session was short and quick, captured in Regents Park in incredible heat, I think we managed to pull of the atmosphere of darkness and mystery. We walked around the alleys of Regents Park looking for most dense bushes and lushy leaves to convey that atmosphere of darkness despite the ubiquitous sun. I hope we will get to collaborate again in the near future and get to shoot a more elaborate concept. Or maybe not, it's nice to do a good old school spontaneous shoot in the nature.

Model (plus make-up and hair): Daphne Huynh

Styling and Photography by me

Location: Regents Park, London

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How to make the most of the summer in the city when you’re a photographer on the top of full time employment? Photowalks! Today I am sharing photos from one with Margarita from couple of weeks ago. Sunny highlights and side streets in Marylebone make a wonderful background for photography walks and making new friends. Days are long and warm, we no longer need to suffer with the darkness of the winter nights that prevent us from taking beautiful photographs.

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Lights And Curtains

A new era is starting in my photography – I recently purchased some lighting gear. So gloomy days and rain will not stand in my chance to photograph anymore. Around three weeks ago I was planning to see my friend Natalie, whom you might remember from this post. We were planning to go for a spring evening photowalk, as photographers do but the London was being rainy and gloomy. We might have just went for a pint but instead I decided to invite Natalie for a cup of tea to play around with the new lights.

So we spent an evening experimenting with the ring light and changing different set ups. Initially we were quite bored with the limiting framing for portaiture as I didn’t have a backdrop yet. How many times you can do the same shot over and over again? So we started playing around with some more makeup and dressing up.  Would be so good to have a make up artist who wants to just experiment and fool around for this one as the eyeliner I drew around Natalie’s eyes is far from perfect. It’s so hard to do it on someone else, so don’t judge me!

All in all, I didn’t expect much from my first experiments with the lighting but I am quite pleased with these shots, what do you think guys?

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Usually imaginations runs ahead of reality, but once reality speeds up the imagination can’t keep up. My last few weeks in a nutshell. I’ve been embracing the wave of invites to collaborations. Calming down little disasters and I kept dancing so that I won’t loose my mind again. That’s why it’s been so quiet on the blog here. But I promise you I have not been idle. I am sharing with you some of the photos from May.

What set out to be a casual photowalk with a newly acquainted model Asia turned out to be a really lovely collaboration and the longer we chatted the more we got along and the photos were turning out better and better! In this rollercoaster of events I did not have an opportunity to sit down and plan a more purposeful shoot with her yet – that we could bring entire team on board and shoot for a magazine submission.

Asia herself is full of energy and describes herself as a one-man-team, apart from modelling she’s also a radio show presenter on Wandsworth Radio and currently gathering material for her documentary. Keep an eye on this girl as she definitely has a lot to say:)

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Sometimes it takes me a while longer to publish some photos than I would want to but juggling shooting, editing with full time job and all that time spent in commute in a city like London it gets a bit overwhelming. So here we go, a month after a trip to Greece, it’s time for me to publish the photos from there.

Despite the beauty surrounding me all around my time in Greece wasn’t very fruitful when it comes to photography, therefore shots I am sharing won’t be spectacular. Nonetheless, a spontaneous last-minute visit to Parga with my sister Agnieszka had a great impact on my creativity. Things have been piling up with work, photos and all the sphere of my life have been very confusing. So I needed to let the poison out. We drank amazing Greek wine, cried a lot, walked the lushy hills and narrow streets and lied in the sun. I slept a lot and enjoyed the food. It really helped me to relax, realize that not everything has to be in order and as long as I keep trying with little baby steps, my life is a work in progress.

And I think perhaps I did not manage to convey it through photography but a visit to Parga totally made me realize why ancient Greeks had a god for everything. When it rained, it was a thunder and it felt like Zeus was furious. Turquoise water of the seas waved along to Poseidon’s will. Trees were heavy with ripening citruses blessed with Demeter’s love and the wine was sweet as if it was prepared by Dionysus himself.

The trip left me yearning for more.

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It Ain’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got That Swing

Hello! Today I am sharing with you a photo session with Siana Videva. We’ve got in touch through my dear friend Reya as I was looking to come back from my photography break and Siana started to look her modelling portfolio. We brainstormed around a different idea initially which is going to show up on a blog in not so distant future. However we arranged to shoot entire day and we thought why not try to spontaneously shoot some other photos as well!

I was very pleased to discover that the dresses that Siana brought with her were very swing inspired. To release my thoughts from the agony of consciousness I am listening to a lot of music lately and to relax my stressed body I started dancing. And guess what has become my dance of choice – swing! So the spontaneous follow up shoot could not be better idea:) I actually have a feeling that perhaps in not so distant future when the charleston steps replace my usual walking pace, I will be looking to do more swing inspired shoots across the entire spread from Gatsby girls to pin-up dolls and victory rolls.

And seriously, people, swing is so much fun and the basics are really easy, because the rhythm is so distinctive that even if you miss a step, it’s easy to get back on track. As Ella Fitzgerald sings “It makes no difference if it’s sweet or hot, just give that rhythm everything you’ve got”. So it’s probably a great time to start learning how to dance charleston, because in few years it’s going to be its 100 anniversary and I have a feeling that it’s going to have a massive influence on fashion, design and trends in art and music. Vintage always comes back 🙂

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The Last Bugles

Long long time ago, about a decade from now, I dreamed about becoming a rockstar. I wrote songs, played guitar and tortured my family with a loudly played distorted music from the hi-fi coming from my bedroom covered with posters, filled with ripped CDs and piles of vinyls taken over after my uncle left them behind. Years passed and I never wrote anything worth listening and eventually after a short stunt in a band, I understood music talent was not one of the gifts I was granted. Later on during my university days I toyed with DJing and run my own radio show in the student radio station, but eventually that love broke my heart too. For the past few years music was mainly present in my life through headphones.

But what goes around comes around, music has been finding it’s way back to my life in pleasant and subtle ways. During my photography break Chris, whom you’ve seen in this photoshoot, wrote to me asking if I would be interested in photographing a gig of his band The Last Bugles in Dublin Castle in Camden Town at the end of April. Despite the fact that event photography has never been my specialization and I was not taking any photos at that time I agreed. I was intrigued to listen to their music and I thought doing something completely different to my usual work may be refreshing. And I can’t say I regretted a minute, guys, if you’re into indie rock with a classic rock’n’roll vibe and a fresh catchiness, you’re definitely going to like them! You can follow them on facebook here and listen to some of their demos on soundcloud here.

Taking photos for these guys at their gig and rehearsals and the conversations about creativity have definitely woken up the appreciation for the rock’n’roll sleeping in me. Coming back to the roots has really helped me to come back to shooting again. After all rock music has these pure raw emotions at the core of everything surrounding it and distortions and imperfections are embraced as the part of art. I am craving for that in my photography and I miss the times when the candid moments were at the center of my work. Who knows, times are a changing.

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Today I am sharing a photo shoot from nearly three months ago. I know, I’ve been very lousy with updating the blog, but I have a feeling that the good creative times are slowly coming back. At least after I revised my expectations. I just want to take photos. Good or bad, paid or free, I can’t live without them.

There is a story behind these photos. It was the last photoshoot before my temporary breakdown and I was really pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. After so many cancellations, lost weekends, months of bad weather and few hours of daylight accessible only on the weekends I started really pushing myself to find people to collaborate with. Around January I started challenging myself to approach on the tube people I would like to shoot with. It’s very awkward and I was very shy and afraid they would think I’m some sort of a creep. I didn’t want to be pushy, so I just gave them my business card saying “Look, if you would ever want to try modelling and you like the photos on my website, just write me a message”. Most of them never replied, a few did long long weeks after meeting them when I had a quiet time, so things didn’t work out.

But one girl wrote back to me next evening after meeting her on the Northern Line. Her name is Monika, and it’s the gorgeous redhead you can see on the photos here. We took these photos in dark grey February in a wooden hut rented through AirBnB around London Fields. Renting AirBnB with a fellow photographer and and inviting models over was a brilliant idea of my friend Natalie. It’s great for the winter months when the weather is cold and bad and you have nowhere to shoot. You can see her take on the photos among others, here.  During that day we also shot with Sasha. But I still haven’t finished editing that part of the shoot (three months! I should be ashamed of myself). But I’m back on the right track and that’s a material for yet another post.

I am leaving you with the photos and I hope you would enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them:)

PS. Looks like Monika is going to appear here on the blog at some point again!