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She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

Nikita Gill


Recent months were like a crazy rollercoaster. I worked on many different projects in parallel and most of them have to be kept secret until the right time comes. After few months of creative crisis I came back with an enhanced power to imagine and photograph. Yoga, herbal teas and healthy food have found their way back to my daily life. If I want to be in this business for good I need to learn how to cool down my shaken nerves and nourish my body to save myself from walking on walls.

Tonight, I am sharing with you a session with Belgian artist Daphne Huynh, captured in midsummer, on my birthday. Daphne is an adventurous woman of many talents including acting, modelling, burlesque and pole dancing and photography. She’s a true artistic soul and though our session was short and quick, captured in Regents Park in incredible heat, I think we managed to pull of the atmosphere of darkness and mystery. We walked around the alleys of Regents Park looking for most dense bushes and lushy leaves to convey that atmosphere of darkness despite the ubiquitous sun. I hope we will get to collaborate again in the near future and get to shoot a more elaborate concept. Or maybe not, it’s nice to do a good old school spontaneous shoot in the nature.

Model (plus make-up and hair): Daphne Huynh

Styling and Photography by me

Location: Regents Park, London

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