Lights And Curtains

A new era is starting in my photography – I recently purchased some lighting gear. So gloomy days and rain will not stand in my chance to photograph anymore. Around three weeks ago I was planning to see my friend Natalie, whom you might remember from this post. We were planning to go for a spring evening photowalk, as photographers do but the London was being rainy and gloomy. We might have just went for a pint but instead I decided to invite Natalie for a cup of tea to play around with the new lights.

So we spent an evening experimenting with the ring light and changing different set ups. Initially we were quite bored with the limiting framing for portaiture as I didn’t have a backdrop yet. How many times you can do the same shot over and over again? So we started playing around with some more makeup and dressing up.  Would be so good to have a make up artist who wants to just experiment and fool around for this one as the eyeliner I drew around Natalie’s eyes is far from perfect. It’s so hard to do it on someone else, so don’t judge me!

All in all, I didn’t expect much from my first experiments with the lighting but I am quite pleased with these shots, what do you think guys?

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