Sometimes it takes me a while longer to publish some photos than I would want to but juggling shooting, editing with full time job and all that time spent in commute in a city like London it gets a bit overwhelming. So here we go, a month after a trip to Greece, it’s time for me to publish the photos from there.

Despite the beauty surrounding me all around my time in Greece wasn’t very fruitful when it comes to photography, therefore shots I am sharing won’t be spectacular. Nonetheless, a spontaneous last-minute visit to Parga with my sister Agnieszka had a great impact on my creativity. Things have been piling up with work, photos and all the sphere of my life have been very confusing. So I needed to let the poison out. We drank amazing Greek wine, cried a lot, walked the lushy hills and narrow streets and lied in the sun. I slept a lot and enjoyed the food. It really helped me to relax, realize that not everything has to be in order and as long as I keep trying with little baby steps, my life is a work in progress.

And I think perhaps I did not manage to convey it through photography but a visit to Parga totally made me realize why ancient Greeks had a god for everything. When it rained, it was a thunder and it felt like Zeus was furious. Turquoise water of the seas waved along to Poseidon’s will. Trees were heavy with ripening citruses blessed with Demeter’s love and the wine was sweet as if it was prepared by Dionysus himself.

The trip left me yearning for more.

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