Today I am sharing a photo shoot from nearly three months ago. I know, I’ve been very lousy with updating the blog, but I have a feeling that the good creative times are slowly coming back. At least after I revised my expectations. I just want to take photos. Good or bad, paid or free, I can’t live without them.

There is a story behind these photos. It was the last photoshoot before my temporary breakdown and I was really pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. After so many cancellations, lost weekends, months of bad weather and few hours of daylight accessible only on the weekends I started really pushing myself to find people to collaborate with. Around January I started challenging myself to approach on the tube people I would like to shoot with. It’s very awkward and I was very shy and afraid they would think I’m some sort of a creep. I didn’t want to be pushy, so I just gave them my business card saying “Look, if you would ever want to try modelling and you like the photos on my website, just write me a message”. Most of them never replied, a few did long long weeks after meeting them when I had a quiet time, so things didn’t work out.

But one girl wrote back to me next evening after meeting her on the Northern Line. Her name is Monika, and it’s the gorgeous redhead you can see on the photos here. We took these photos in dark grey February in a wooden hut rented through AirBnB around London Fields. Renting AirBnB with a fellow photographer and and inviting models over was a brilliant idea of my friend Natalie. It’s great for the winter months when the weather is cold and bad and you have nowhere to shoot. You can see her take on the photos among others, here.  During that day we also shot with Sasha. But I still haven’t finished editing that part of the shoot (three months! I should be ashamed of myself). But I’m back on the right track and that’s a material for yet another post.

I am leaving you with the photos and I hope you would enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them:)

PS. Looks like Monika is going to appear here on the blog at some point again!

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