Bringing Back The Blog

Nearly 4 years passed since I published my last blog post and decided that blogging isn’t really for me. And this is true, blogging probably isn’t. Especially not the strange form of it that I was trying to exercise those few years ago. But writing is and so is showing photographs and telling stories, sharing experiences opinions and inspiration.


The truth is, I wasn’t really doing any of the above mentioned things on my blog these few years ago. I was absolutely obsessed with the idea of going pro with my photography and the blog was just supposed to be means to an end. I was hoping that this is a suitable way to showcase my photography. As a result I wrestled with posts full of photos where words weren’t really about anything that I wanted to say. In the same time, whenever I had something to say, I struggled to find photos that would richly illustrate those thoughts. All in all there were not many posts that really gave me any satisfaction.

In the late 2016 I decided to stop blogging altogether. I came to conclusion that this isn’t the best way to present, promote and pursue photography and after all I wanted to be a photographer not a blogger.


However, during the time of writing the blog, there were few posts that I felt very inspired to create. These included mainly memories from my travels to Oslo, Helsinki, Greece, Georgia, Glasgow, Bremen, Dublin, Beachy Head, hike from Kings House to Kinlochleven and Campsies Glen. I also interviewed a few people wrote some articles, when I attempted to create a series Nation of Dreamers. That never materialised but I had loads of fun interviewing people and getting to know their personal stories. I also wrote few opinion pieces. That was fun, because you know how pleasurable it is to have an opinion and to try to shove it up someone else’s ass. Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted. An opinion article is a perfect way to attempt to present your thoughts about something. You get to think through how to present your arguments and take time to ensure they are interpreted as intended.


To summarise – I like writing. Writing can be fun sometimes. As long as I don’t have to write on command and pressure myself to come up with words when I have nothing to say.


You probably guessed where this is going, you smart cookie, I am going to resurrect this blog. I’m not promising to publish regularly. I’m not planning to commit to it seriously either. But I have stuff to say and I have things to show and Instagram ain’t the perfect medium for all the things I want to share.

And just like in a flea market I have a myriad of completely useless but hopefully eye and mind pleasing oddities to show to you.

And last but not the least, I also want to give the credit, where the credit is due. I decided to bring back to blog after reading a newsletter published by my friend, who I met a few weeks ago in San Francisco. Kamal‘s newsletter is his way of keeping up to date with friends he’s met at some point during his travels. I thought it was a fantastic idea and invitation to reach out and catch up, without putting a mind fucking pressure on yourself to get followers. For a moment I considered blatantly ripping off his idea and starting a newsletter of my own. But then I thought, what about those musings that I have already written in the past? I want them to be available to the curious eyes. That’s how I meet strangers on the Internet and turned them into friends in the real world. That’s why I’m bringing back the blog.

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