Postcards From Dublin

It’s been end of March last year that we visited Dublin with Ivan and I only got to sit down and edit the photos recently. Perhaps it’s because during the entire trip it was so cold and my fingers were freezing off so I didn’t exactly take many good iconic shots of the Irish capital so I was postponing the edit. We decided to go very thrifty and practice the art of cheap travelling, so we booked a cheapest hostel which costed us 42€ for 3 nights and two people and over that three days we spent only 60€. I am a big and devoted fan of cheap travelling and my destinations are usually dictated with the price of the tickets more than anything else.

The close proximity to Dublin made it a perfect destination for a devoted cheap traveler such as myself but there are two things that I did not predict. First, at the end of March Ireland is very cold. Second, Dublin is expensive and so are the entry tickets to everywhere. So we walked back and forth along the beautiful little streets of Dublin seeking shelter in the Georgian interiors of National Library of Dublin and pubs along the Temple Bar. In the pouring rain we admired the buildings of Trinity College hiding our cameras from the water and following the paths of the Vikings. My dreamy collection of legendary Georgian photos never came to life.

The trip left me with more hunger for return and properly travel around the Irish country, because I feel like I have not seen enough, and a strong desire to equip myself with a warm cozy Arran sweater. I really wish to hike around rural Ireland soon and hope for the better weather instead. I got used to the milder climate of London but Dublin seemed to be much more like Glasgow. Gloomy weather, cheerful people and lots of ale. Next time I hope to take better photos too!

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