Dark Nights And All Of The Street Lights

Two days ago Daylight Saving Time finished and once again we entered into the days of the never ending night. Soon we will be leaving to school and work in the darkness and coming back in the darkness. All the remaining light will shine on the world in the time when we are locked inside four walls. Ever since I remember, I have very ambivalent feelings about fall. There is no other more beautiful season than autumn when the earth is covered with the blankets of rusty leaves, preparing to fall asleep. In the same time the infinite darkness is always taking the joy away as I rarely have time to admire these beautiful brown landscapes in the daylight.

The darkness was especially difficult to cope with back in the times when I studied in Glasgow. My night owl sleeping habits and getting up around 11 am did not help much with getting more sun. In extreme cases, there were days when I saw only as much as 2 or 4 hours of sunlight. Perhaps this has led me to noticing beauty in street lights reflected from soaking wet streets, dying in the ambience of the dark night.

When you’re coming back home tired, walking through the darkness in the coat drenched with rain, it can’t get much worse than this. Lift your head up a notice the beauty of thousands of colourful lights dancing in the rain.

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