Beachy Head

One of the days in the middle of July me and my sister took off for a day trip for a day excursion from London. We wanted to take a break from the fast pace of the city life and enjoy some quality sister time. This was not a typical visit to the seaside. Eastbourne was windy with a stony beach.

We walked along the seaside with the wind enjoying the brightness of the day and all the green fields around. We walked filled with curiosity to see the famous cliffs of Beachy Head. We have been told that this is a place for suiciders. That was confusing. Truly a breathtaking view could be a place of choice to die but why necessarily a place of suicide? We were told ‘You will see.’.

When we reached the cliffs we saw an overwhelmingly beautiful view. We quickly forgot the dark warnings we were told before we set off for a trip. But as we walked along the coastline admiring the beauty, squinting our eyes to the ubiquitous brightness of the air, we noticed crosses along the cliff. One, another one, there kept appearing more and more of them. The landscape filled with the memories of the youth suicide. Our thoughts were filled with sadness when we discovered the commemorative stone in memory of young people who chose to die too early. I was speechless. As much as I admired the view, the memory of this place will always be filled with melancholia for the young people who would never see anything more beautiful than Beachy Head again.

“Despite the horror and the sorrow, I love our world. I want us all to live.”

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