A few months ago over a coffee break with my work colleague Alfredo I discovered that there is yet another creative soul in our geeky software company. We quickly found a common language and Alfredo told me about his Italian folk band Amaraterra and invited me for their monthly gig at Jamboree venue. I came over full of curiosity and as usual brought my camera just in case there would be something interesting to capture.

The energy during their entire performance has exceeded my expectations. They were wild, colourful, energetic, full of positive hippie vibe and playfulness. The night I got introduced to Amaraterra was magical and in the dimly lighted Jamboree venue vibrating with acoustics and melodies it made me feel like home when London still felt hostile and isolating. I attended a few of their gigs and took photos for them when our schedules still aligned.

This Friday, 4th of December 2015, 8pm, they will be hosting another bohemian night in Jamboree. If you would like to feel some irresistible energy of world music and brighten up the darkness of the autumn nights, check their Facebook event here.

After witnessing their gigs three times in a row this year, I can guarantee you that the restless beats of Tarantella will bring the smile on your face for entire upcoming week.

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