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How am I coping with crisis?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I have been privileged to be able to work remotely. My department switched to working from home on the 12th of March and all of us have put a lot of effort to stay in touch and not loose sense of community. One thing that everyone was encouraged to do is to share a short video about how are they coping with quarantine. I've been asked to do that three times and three time is a charm, I eventually agreed. The reason why I was resisting was that I knew if I actually record a video, it would have to be done my way - probably turn into a short film, with a voiceover and some pretty shots. I simply CANNOT create something visual without at least trying to make it mine and make it pretty.

In the nutshell, creative distractions are my way to deal with anything. The text that I am reading in the video is a passage from my diary that I wrote during one of my frequent depressive episodes (duh) but still resonated with me today.

In times of doubt - turn to art.

This video is a bit of a self indulgence. I wanted to make something for a while and an excuse presented itself. Take it with a pinch of salt - I am not a screenwriter nor do I aspire to be one. I can capture pretty views and make videos about nothing... This is one and only experiment and it teased my appetite for creating more. Though, next time I put my time into it, I hope to actually have a story to tell. And creativity, good or bad, masterpiece or a cliche. This is how I deal with crisis.

16th March 2020No Comments

For The Love of Light

Victorian buildings are splattered with the spots of light. Golden patches illuminate the sandstone balustrades, brighten red rusty bricks, highlight handsome arches. Tired buildings come alive. Young glass towers that know nothing about the city life, catch the sun and share the light around.

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16th May 20161 Comment

London Walks

“Find what you love and let it kill you” – Charles Bukowski

This is pretty much what has been happening to me for the last few months. Couple of times I wanted to write a long heart to heart post about my creative crisis and how disappointed I am with my photography. Instead I just stopped taking photos. I needed a break. After a stream of successes, when nearly all the shoots I attempted turned to gold, now I struggle with keeping the same quality. I expect all the photos to be better. Better than the best ones I ever taken. But it does not happen. It’s as if I have gone blind. In the chase for perfection I forgot how to see. I am slowly trying to teach myself to see again.

Somehow, I will be trying to come back to the roots. Capture moments, impressions, streets, music, friends and gigs. I struggle with time that fall through my fingers like sand. I need to capture it in a jar before I try to make art from it.

Today impression of London on a spring Saturday. Visit of a friend. Walk through Kentish Town, Camden, Regents Park and Marylebone. And as usual – doors and windows.

24th December 2015No Comments

Christmas Wreaths

A couple of days ago before my holiday I had a walk around neighbourhood. I admired the beautiful wreaths that people use to decorate their houses in London. So today a special Christmas edition of doors collection in Kensington.

I am blogging for you today from my hometown Tarnów in Poland. It’s a Christmas Eve and I will keep this post short to bring yet another reason to put smiles on your faces on this lovely day. Have a wonderful time and very merry Christmas my friends!

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A few months ago over a coffee break with my work colleague Alfredo I discovered that there is yet another creative soul in our geeky software company. We quickly found a common language and Alfredo told me about his Italian folk band Amaraterra and invited me for their monthly gig at Jamboree venue. I came over full of curiosity and as usual brought my camera just in case there would be something interesting to capture.

The energy during their entire performance has exceeded my expectations. They were wild, colourful, energetic, full of positive hippie vibe and playfulness. The night I got introduced to Amaraterra was magical and in the dimly lighted Jamboree venue vibrating with acoustics and melodies it made me feel like home when London still felt hostile and isolating. I attended a few of their gigs and took photos for them when our schedules still aligned.

This Friday, 4th of December 2015, 8pm, they will be hosting another bohemian night in Jamboree. If you would like to feel some irresistible energy of world music and brighten up the darkness of the autumn nights, check their Facebook event here.

After witnessing their gigs three times in a row this year, I can guarantee you that the restless beats of Tarantella will bring the smile on your face for entire upcoming week.

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Tate Modern

I don’t remember when my fascination with photographs representing people in front of artwork started. Probably Pinterest, because, let’s be honest that’s where a lot of fascinations recently start. Especially the ones we don’t remember. I nourished love for this particular composition for a couple of months. I created a moodboard and collected inspiration to do a shoot like that one day. Though, I have never actually got to organize one.

The one I am sharing with you right now happened on a totally spontaneous basis. Bored of the lazy evenings we decided to visit Tate Modern. Ivan offered to bring my camera after work, even though I did not intend to take any pictures that night. It was supposed to be a date, you know. Nevertheless, as soon as I saw walls cover with the beautiful abstract paintings with amazing colour palettes I suddenly remembered the entire ideas. It took a lot of puppy eyes and convincing my boyfriend to let me take these tens of photos to convey my artistic vision. I was also very bossy about instructing him exactly how I want the pictures to be taken, when I was modelling. It did not occur to me before how difficult it is to convey someone’s artistic vision. Not mentioning, how important are good communication skills and planning in this case.

Nonetheless, today I present in front of you a spontaneus shoot for my photoshoot idea “Girl in The Gallery”. Starring myself and Ivan in Tate Modern.

Hopefully at some point I can actually shoot and direct some nice fashion editorial there.

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Violet Skies of Regents Park – An Evening With Cora Álvarez

Nearly a month has passed since my last post. The times have been crazy and the life has been tough. We were on the verge of homelessness in autumn London, working hard, catching chances. There was lots of worries and I have not taken a single photo since then. I don’t even have my cameras at home at the moment. They are stored securely at my friends place.

Now that the worst is over and I can take a deep breath and relax I can have a look where I paused with my photographic journey. That month ago, before all the disasters fell on my back, I meet up with Cora Álvarez, Spanish photographer, who was visiting London at that time. We went for a photowalk around Regents Park, soaked with wet sunset light after the rain and chatted about photography. I remem­ber when I first encountered Cora’s photos on flickr. I was incredibly impressed with her photos and I thought that I need to get to know this girl. Somehow through vortex of various social media we eventually chatted with each other and I found out she would be vising London in September so I proposed a meeting up for coffee.

The coffee didn’t work out, neither  did an elaborate plan for visiting Hampstead Heath Pergola Garden. However after the rain we decided to make the most of last two short two hours before the sunset and chatted about photography and traveling, while strolling around the park with her and her com­panion Claudia and taking photos.

Meet inspiring people and offer them your support. Share your knowledge and amazing things will happen.



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London Lavender Love

On the beautiful summer afternoon in the beginning of August I went for a little excursion with Marta to escape some unnecessary stress. We visited Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey to do some test shots among these beautiful violet flo­wers. Lavender fields are specta­cular subject for photos and I strongly recommend to visit them to any photography lovers. Other than this there is really not much to do there other than strolling around and inhaling slightly more sweet than usual smell of lavender.

Model: Riennahera

Location: Mayfield Lavender Field, Surrey

20th July 20152 Comments

Empty Magic Canvas of West London


I am all in the mess, in incredible chaos. My insomnia has started again and I cannot concentrate on anything productive and creative. I am making my best to pull off all the creative projects and then I am left alone with cancellations again. With bags underneath my eyes I am paying the price for a little of holiday heaven I pleasured myself with two weeks ago.

My room is a mayhem filled up with incense smoke and I am playing Bat For Lashes out loud, with the wind tarnishing the heavy green curtains of the window wide open. The only way I know to unwind. As the words spill out of me, the tension is leaving through my fingers on the keyboard.


"And when the battle was done I was promised my sun but with a thousand nights gone to any kingdom I run"

Today I am leaving you with the empty photos of the little streets full of magic windows and door and lovely corner shops between Notting Hill and Holland Park that were supposed to be the canvas for yet another model.

London Holland Park Ladbroke Grove Notting Hill West London Magic Doors Windows









Magic of London Street Photography, Holland Park, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, West London


25th June 20153 Comments

London Spots – Pinner Memorial Park


This has not been a fruitful month in terms of photography. I have tried to arrange quite a few TFP (to benefit portfolio) photoshoots and I had four cancellations. One has reached the apogeum and the model cancelled 20 minutes before the shoot which in the city as big as London is equal to standing someone out on the spot. Luckily I still have a lot of material to share with you and I am finding various ways to stay on the go and keep creating despite the obstacles. I still have more photos to share from my visit in Norway (the text still has to be edited. Don't worry, I will publish it soon).

However as much as I enjoy street and travel photography, my heart really lays in photographing people. Last week I was quite upset about no successful fashion shoots or even laid back photowalks in June and I was also still recovering from a cold. To lift up my bad mood, with my boyfriend, Ivan, we decided to go for a spontaneous photowalk in Pinner Memorial Park. Ivan is also a keen photographer himself, you can see some of his amazing images on his flickr photostream. I must say, we make a pretty good team when it comes to taking photos together and I am thankful for all his patience for all my weird ideas and hundreds of repetitions just to take that perfect shot. I am also quite pleased with the results of that shoot. We set out for a walk in the early evening and I was hoping for some sunset light. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy but I think it adds some soft feel to the photos. I am very happy to finally have some photos of myself on the blog.

Let me know what do you think about the photos. I hope you are enjoying the summer weather!