This has not been a fruitful month in terms of photography. I have tried to arrange quite a few TFP (to benefit portfolio) photoshoots and I had four cancellations. One has reached the apogeum and the model cancelled 20 minutes before the shoot which in the city as big as London is equal to standing someone out on the spot. Luckily I still have a lot of material to share with you and I am finding various ways to stay on the go and keep creating despite the obstacles. I still have more photos to share from my visit in Norway (the text still has to be edited. Don't worry, I will publish it soon).

However as much as I enjoy street and travel photography, my heart really lays in photographing people. Last week I was quite upset about no successful fashion shoots or even laid back photowalks in June and I was also still recovering from a cold. To lift up my bad mood, with my boyfriend, Ivan, we decided to go for a spontaneous photowalk in Pinner Memorial Park. Ivan is also a keen photographer himself, you can see some of his amazing images on his flickr photostream. I must say, we make a pretty good team when it comes to taking photos together and I am thankful for all his patience for all my weird ideas and hundreds of repetitions just to take that perfect shot. I am also quite pleased with the results of that shoot. We set out for a walk in the early evening and I was hoping for some sunset light. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy but I think it adds some soft feel to the photos. I am very happy to finally have some photos of myself on the blog.

Let me know what do you think about the photos. I hope you are enjoying the summer weather!