Empty Magic Canvas of West London


I am all in the mess, in incredible chaos. My insomnia has started again and I cannot concentrate on anything productive and creative. I am making my best to pull off all the creative projects and then I am left alone with cancellations again. With bags underneath my eyes I am paying the price for a little of holiday heaven I pleasured myself with two weeks ago.

My room is a mayhem filled up with incense smoke and I am playing Bat For Lashes out loud, with the wind tarnishing the heavy green curtains of the window wide open. The only way I know to unwind. As the words spill out of me, the tension is leaving through my fingers on the keyboard.


“And when the battle was done I was promised my sun but with a thousand nights gone to any kingdom I run”

Today I am leaving you with the empty photos of the little streets full of magic windows and door and lovely corner shops between Notting Hill and Holland Park that were supposed to be the canvas for yet another model.

London Holland Park Ladbroke Grove Notting Hill West London Magic Doors Windows









Magic of London Street Photography, Holland Park, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, West London


2 thoughts on “Empty Magic Canvas of West London

  1. ChrisTom says:

    Windows everywhere. I’ve found interesting one in Eger. After work I will send it to you 😉


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