Back From The Nature Into The Routine


I am back from my week long summer holiday and I am already slightly lagging with my schedule of posting here. So I am sincerely apologizing if you were expecting something yesterday or on Sunday. I thought I was so sneaky creating two posts in advance to cover my absence from the keyboard and quite romantically I imagined myself crafting another post on the way back and just typing it when I come back home.

Everything must be a matter of organization, I thought, but I have seriously underestimated my tiredness after the trip and lack of time. My first priority after coming back was finishing edit of an editorial I did in June but quite frankly catching up with sleep was pushing itself forward. I can’t tell you anything about the editorial until the beginning of August but I promise, it’s some really exciting news!

Now I need to proceed with some final correction before submission and don’t have time to sit down on a full length text for you right now, so I am leaving you with photos with wonderful stylish Riennahera in the forests and leaves of Cassiobury Park and Nature Reserve in Watford. I think these photos have magical witch like vibe that make up artist Izabela Knoff has also contributed to.

Stay inspired and see you in few days when I have some more words and brain power to write for you! Adios amigos!

Model: Riennahera

Make Up Artist: Izabela Knoff



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