First Month of Blogging

The first month of blogging is already behind me. Oooft, I have survived the first and most difficult step. I wanted to start writing a blog for such a long time and I was postponing it forever. I was scared of so many things, worried that I won’t have any good ideas and my writing will be really bad and posts really low quality, that no one will be interested in reading it and that I won’t have any ideas and above everything I was asking myself how on earth I am going to find any spare time to write regularly.

I published my first post accidentally. Not being that familiar with WordPress yet I accidentally allowed it to automatically share it on Facebook. Before I realized two friends of mine already started liking it and half-panicked about its unpolished condition and complete lack of preparation, I just decided to go with it.

After all the most important thing about blogging is being regular. I decided to relax and just go with the flow and let this blog grow on me. Let the writing turn into the habit and not try to force beautiful words to flow from my fingers. Let the vision form with time. Let it be about everything and nothing. Let it be about photography.

I was surprised with how many views some of the posts had, while I expected literally no views for the first three months. Thank you very much for all the interests you’re showing, from likes to shares. I am hoping to be able to write even more engaging texts for you in the future and encourage you to conversation in the comments.

All in all in the era of professional bloggers it is intimidating to start a first step but once you start it becomes much easier. And the knowledge that someone is actually reading it is quite rewarding. So if you ever wanted to start a blog but you think your ready yet – just do it and let the readers observe your path of development!


1 thought on “First Month of Blogging

  1. Chris Tom says:

    Well said 😉 let’s create the habit of writing and make this blog full of conversations. That’s the point of blogging, audience, with involvement from both sides 😀 I wish you that


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