Away Chasing The Dreams


This is not a post  – more of a note to keep the consistency. I am currently going away for a long awaited holiday. Now that I am working full time an entire week off seems like a blessing. Oh how I miss those times when I had entire two months off for myself in the summertime. Unfortunately this is the paradox of our reality – when we have time to travel – we have no money, when we manage to save some money –  there is no time.

To keep the tradition and my budget undamaged, yet another time I am traveling like a gypsy with a tiny bagpack which is in 70% filled up with my sleeping bag. Something like %10 is filled up with the documents and 4 disposable cameras, and the rest is clothes. Yes, you have read well, I decided to ditch my DSLR for this holiday and all I am left with is 100 exposures of crappy disposable film from Boots and my phone camera, which also isn’t great.

You may wonder why someone so in love with photography as me would like to ditch their camera for travel. Well, that comes from simply pragmatic reasons. I am planning a trip to Poland and Slovakia.  After 4 days of going back and forth between kool Krakow and my hometown Tarnow, I am jumping on a train from Poprad to Trencin to enjoy a three day festival Bazant Pohoda. The ticket costed too much to spend entire festival babysitting my camera and it is not a secret that festivals can be wild, so I’d rather not risk getting my beloved baby damaged, injured or stolen. Of course unless I am being paid for this, I would love to work as a photographer on festivals, for paid jobs you have my full photographic attention (not like these photos which were made on the run:P).


This is going to be my first holiday without a camera in a very long time and it seems like I will be traveling empty handed but in the same time it seems like a very liberating thing. Maybe this is going to help me refresh my eyes and see things in an entirely new light? I also decided to trust my composition skills enough and go back to the basics and try to capture good moments with extremely limited gear. I have seen some scans of photos taken with these cheap boots disposable cameras on flickr and obviously they don’t produce an editorial quality photography like in fashion magazines, which is the level I am aiming at, but they still give some interesting retro feel to the photos.

I hope the results will be satisfactory and I will be able to share them with you here after I come back! Meanwhile, I am off for a wonderful adventure and you guys enjoy the sun and the summer wherever you are:)




PS. It’s incredible how lame photos for the blog can be if you have only 10mins to take them and another 10mins to edit because you need to catch the plane. Please forgive me, I’m just embarrasing myself.

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