The Bliss of The Plants in The Glass and The Light



Today I am proudly sharing with you a sensual photo shoot in Botanical Gardens in Glasgow. For four years of living in that weird city I always had a thought at the back of my mind that it would be a wonderful space for a creative shoot. Full of thick, soft dusty light, you can almost feel the calming and relaxing atmosphere of this beautiful, filled with lush green plants place. Botanic Gardens used to be one of my favorite places back in the times when I studied in Glasgow with its meditative atmosphere and soft shimmering sounds of water sprinkling over the flowers could calm me down even in the worst times.


A year after graduation, with a very strong vision, I came back with a small team to turn my dreams into images. I met Laura Alexandra through an active Facebook group Blank Canvas. Laura was fantastic in catching an oddly sounding suggestion to portrait heavy sultry mood with innocence. I hope you can all agree that her poses have a wonderful balance of nature inspired sensuality without even a hint of vulgarity. Ivan Merazchiev is the person behind the luminous light, he did a wonderful job assisting me with reflecting the sunrays, which plays an important role in creating an interesting multidimentional images.


I am very pleased with the results of that photoshoot and I would love to do more stuff like this. Let me know what you think, what kind of photos would you like to see in this blog?










Model: Laura Alexandra

Assistance: Ivan Merazchiev (flickr here)

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