Tate Modern

I don’t remember when my fascination with photographs representing people in front of artwork started. Probably Pinterest, because, let’s be honest that’s where a lot of fascinations recently start. Especially the ones we don’t remember. I nourished love for this particular composition for a couple of months. I created a moodboard and collected inspiration to do a shoot like that one day. Though, I have never actually got to organize one.

The one I am sharing with you right now happened on a totally spontaneous basis. Bored of the lazy evenings we decided to visit Tate Modern. Ivan offered to bring my camera after work, even though I did not intend to take any pictures that night. It was supposed to be a date, you know. Nevertheless, as soon as I saw walls cover with the beautiful abstract paintings with amazing colour palettes I suddenly remembered the entire ideas. It took a lot of puppy eyes and convincing my boyfriend to let me take these tens of photos to convey my artistic vision. I was also very bossy about instructing him exactly how I want the pictures to be taken, when I was modelling. It did not occur to me before how difficult it is to convey someone’s artistic vision. Not mentioning, how important are good communication skills and planning in this case.

Nonetheless, today I present in front of you a spontaneus shoot for my photoshoot idea “Girl in The Gallery”. Starring myself and Ivan in Tate Modern.

Hopefully at some point I can actually shoot and direct some nice fashion editorial there.

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