First Film

In my teenage years I had on and off romances with photography. I loved photo-editing but there was not much to edit. My point and shoot camera was worse than the one in current mobile phones. On my 18th birthday I got an old Zenit camera from my classmates. Full of enthusiasm I shot my first adult roll of film only to discover later a big white stripe across all the developed photos. A gentleman in a camera shop told me that most likely the shutter of the camera is broken. I did not understand what that meant at the time but he told me it would be more expensive to fix it than the camera is worth. That discouraged me from shooting film for years. Every time I was tempted to buy a new film camera, I reminded myself about this incident. I was scared of disappointment after ordering a beautiful vintage camera from eBay and discovering it does not work.

Things have changed last year when my boyfriend gave me his Canon 1000F which could miraculously fit all my other lenses. I splurged money on negatives and began my adventure with film photography once again.

I took most photos from that first roll of film in autumn Twilight in Notting Hill. Some of them picture moments from the ordinary days or darkness of the daily commute.

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