Last Afternoon In Sofia

During my last week long holiday in Bulgaria, I could not miss an opportunity to try arranging some photo shoots. Luckily during my University times I made a lot of lovely friends that come from Bulgaria and during my short visit in Sofia I have been introduced to even more cool people by my boyfriend Ivan.

Weeks before I was wondering if any of Ivan’s friends would be up for a portrait session but then I found out that our common friend Danche, who also studied with us at University of Glasgow, recently relocated to Sofia. The choice was easy as she is incredibly charismatic and warm person. I have had a chance to see some photos she posed for from her other photographers friends and I could see so much charm and good energy on them. I was certainly delighted to find out she accepted my invitation. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with where the life has taken us after graduation.

After a coffee we too some photos with Ivan’s assistance. I will take this opportunity to remind you to check out his flickr photostream, he is a keen photographer himself, as you could see from some portraits of me on this blog. The photoshoot was really a lot of fun, throwing leaves and good vibes. I am really pleased with the results. If you agree, give me a little like on Facebook on this post or the heart on the end of the page.

I really enjoyed shooting with Danche and I am hoping next time we see each other, we will find some time for another creative collaboration.

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