Kings House to Kinlochleven

It has been nearly two years since the winter hike in the Scottish Highlands with my friends Will and Taru. We followed a route from Kings House to Kinlochleven which is part of the West Highland Way. So much has changed since then. It was the times when I was still shooting JPEG files and still used an old analog Pentacon lens with an adapter. My photos were too blurry and too warm but I still like coming back to them.

Whoever attempted landscape photography knows how difficult this craft is. It requires almost meditative patience, waiting for the perfect moment when the sun and the clouds align in the most cinematic way. I have not been blessed with a virtue of patience. What helps me to react quickly and take a snap of something that lasts a millisecond prevents me from being able to stand still and wait. It will take ages until I learn to tame my attention and be able to capture the beauty of outdoors.

Here, I am sharing with you some memories from the scenic walk through the valleys and hills of Glencoe Mountains. On the track we met dears, walked through piles of snow, jumped on stones and runt through forest admiring peaks of the mountains from afar.

Apparently, somewhere on the route one could see a peak of Ben Nevis in between the clouds. However, we didn’t know which one it was. But that we decided with Wilhelmiina that one day, before I graduate, together we will climb the peak of the highest mountain in Scotland.

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