Nation of Dreamers #1 – Ulrike Schulz

Today I would like to introduce you to Ulrike Shulz, the first person to be featured in my new series of posts Nation of Dreamers. Uli is an author of a really cool website Found Some Paper, where she blogs about art, design, social media and above everything she advocates for creativity.

Uli comes from Germany and studied Theatre, Film, and Media at the University of Vienna. For last four years she worked as an Account Manager in an advertising agency. After graduating she wanted to find a job in creative industry and relocate to London. She approached her goal in quite an unusual way. Ulrike used Twitter to connect with industry professional active in social media. She created a hashtag #HireUlrike and asked people to take photos with a piece of paper with the hashtag written on it. Uli created a tumblr blog where she would upload all the photos of people who would support her job hunting. Her effort soon paid off and she was approach by Guardian to write a short series of postson searching for a job through Twitter. Entire campaign has drawn an interest from social media professionals who invited her to networking events. Ulrike told me it required a lot of patience, effort and doubts but her campaign eventually paid off and after 6 months of job search she was offered a job at a social media company We Are Social.

Uli is a bit of a jack of all trades. She loves art, design, social media and networking. In the beginning of 2015 she started blogging about the eclectic mixture of her interests and started teaching herself about art and graphic design. Her journey has led her to take a brave step towards a freelance career and a couple days before our photoshoot she handed in a resignation. Starting from January 2016 Ulrike is planning to take part in and Art Course at City Lit and embrace the freedom of being able to work on a variety of projects as  a freelancer.

Ulrike is an expert in social media, a fluent blogger and keen event organiser. These are only a few of the skill to mention but she has much more to offer to the freelance world. You can read more about here services here.

I admire her courage and wish her all the best in her journey in the world of freelancing!

And in the end, my dear readers, I would like to encourage you to dare to dream and work hard, because skills pay the bills and dreams come true!

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