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Nation of Dreamers #1 – Ulrike Schulz

Today I would like to introduce you to Ulrike Shulz, the first person to be featured in my new series of posts Nation of Dreamers. Uli is an author of a really cool website Found Some Paper, where she blogs about art, design, social media and above everything she advocates for creativity.

Uli comes from Germany and studied Theatre, Film, and Media at the University of Vienna. For last four years she worked as an Account Manager in an advertising agency. After graduating she wanted to find a job in creative industry and relocate to London. She approached her goal in quite an unusual way. Ulrike used Twitter to connect with industry professional active in social media. She created a hashtag #HireUlrike and asked people to take photos with a piece of paper with the hashtag written on it. Uli created a tumblr blog where she would upload all the photos of people who would support her job hunting. Her effort soon paid off and she was approach by Guardian to write a short series of postson searching for a job through Twitter. Entire campaign has drawn an interest from social media professionals who invited her to networking events. Ulrike told me it required a lot of patience, effort and doubts but her campaign eventually paid off and after 6 months of job search she was offered a job at a social media company We Are Social.

Uli is a bit of a jack of all trades. She loves art, design, social media and networking. In the beginning of 2015 she started blogging about the eclectic mixture of her interests and started teaching herself about art and graphic design. Her journey has led her to take a brave step towards a freelance career and a couple days before our photoshoot she handed in a resignation. Starting from January 2016 Ulrike is planning to take part in and Art Course at City Lit and embrace the freedom of being able to work on a variety of projects as  a freelancer.

Ulrike is an expert in social media, a fluent blogger and keen event organiser. These are only a few of the skill to mention but she has much more to offer to the freelance world. You can read more about here services here.

I admire her courage and wish her all the best in her journey in the world of freelancing!

And in the end, my dear readers, I would like to encourage you to dare to dream and work hard, because skills pay the bills and dreams come true!

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The Gingers

A few months ago I did a photoshoot with my friends Marta and Chris. We all thought it would be a cool idea to take some ginger photos. That was also the time when I lived nearby Camden Town, so I was really into the idea of to try doing some band photoshoot. Especially that a few days earlier Marta posted a snap on her instagram account that showed how this idea would work out brilliantly.

You are already familiar with Marta and her blog riennahera.com as she posed to my photos many times. Chris on the other hand is a real rockman, he plays in two bands “Dirty Notes” and “The Last Bugles“. He’s currently working on studio material which is going to be released next year.

The photoshoot worked out brilliantly and I am very pleased with the results. However, it had no other purpose than just experimentation to try new forms of portraiture. Now, I can honestly say, I can do band pics. So if any of you, my dear readers, is a musician in the need of good photography, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

Out of boredom, I thought it would be funny to come up the name for the band and entire playlist for their indie rock debut album. They prefer to call themselves “The Gingers” but perhaps it would be more appropriate to call themselves “Pie & Mash” as one of the photos could already serve them as an album cover.

The Gingers – It Wasn’t Cool When They Laughed At School

Side A – Brother From Another Mother

  1. My Sister Told Me
  2. Don’t Go To The Hairdressers
  3. Everybody Knows The Ginger Beard Is Weird
  4. Mama Tell Her To Leave My Shirts Alone

Side B – Sister From Another Mister

  1. My Boyfriend Is Allright
  2. Horses
  3. Wave Your Hair When The Sun’s On Fire
  4. Sister From Another Mister
  5. Going Home

As a punchline to my irony, you have to admit, that you could totally be able to find an album like that in the Urban Outfitters vinyl section.

The entire band photoshoot and album playlist is a work of fiction but if you pester Marta and Chris enough, who knows maybe they will actually come up with a song.

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Last Afternoon In Sofia

During my last week long holiday in Bulgaria, I could not miss an opportunity to try arranging some photo shoots. Luckily during my University times I made a lot of lovely friends that come from Bulgaria and during my short visit in Sofia I have been introduced to even more cool people by my boyfriend Ivan.

Weeks before I was wondering if any of Ivan’s friends would be up for a portrait session but then I found out that our common friend Danche, who also studied with us at University of Glasgow, recently relocated to Sofia. The choice was easy as she is incredibly charismatic and warm person. I have had a chance to see some photos she posed for from her other photographers friends and I could see so much charm and good energy on them. I was certainly delighted to find out she accepted my invitation. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with where the life has taken us after graduation.

After a coffee we too some photos with Ivan’s assistance. I will take this opportunity to remind you to check out his flickr photostream, he is a keen photographer himself, as you could see from some portraits of me on this blog. The photoshoot was really a lot of fun, throwing leaves and good vibes. I am really pleased with the results. If you agree, give me a little like on Facebook on this post or the heart on the end of the page.

I really enjoyed shooting with Danche and I am hoping next time we see each other, we will find some time for another creative collaboration.

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Hello Autumn – Primrose Hill

This photos are nearly a year old and they come from the first photo shoot I did with Marta. It was way before I even started a blog and decided that I really want to show my photos out there in the world. I feel like these photographs have such a strong autumn feel with the leaves dancing in the wind and slowly falling onto the ground. I simply could not share them at any other time than in the middle of autumn and as I decided to go public with the website in the middle of spring, despite their obvious charm, they did not really fit the mood.

Having moved around London empowered me to do things that I always wanted to do – find courage to approach people I find interesting. I didn’t know anyone around and making friends was a challenge on its own. I thought what would be a harm in saying ‘Hey, I like your blog and I take photos myself. Would you like to meet up for coffee and a chat?’ and I was right, it worked like magic and I started meeting people I already shared some interests with over the web. Marta was the first friend I made like this. It was last autumn at Primrose Hill and back then we created the photos you can see here. I took at least 20 000 photos since then and my photography and editing style has strongly developed since then. I was shyly thinking I would like to get more into photography and create a portfolio and a year later I have one I am proud of and even more ideas hatching!

Modelling: Riennahera

Location: Primrose Hill, London


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Violet Skies of Regents Park – An Evening With Cora Álvarez

Nearly a month has passed since my last post. The times have been crazy and the life has been tough. We were on the verge of homelessness in autumn London, working hard, catching chances. There was lots of worries and I have not taken a single photo since then. I don’t even have my cameras at home at the moment. They are stored securely at my friends place.

Now that the worst is over and I can take a deep breath and relax I can have a look where I paused with my photographic journey. That month ago, before all the disasters fell on my back, I meet up with Cora Álvarez, Spanish photographer, who was visiting London at that time. We went for a photowalk around Regents Park, soaked with wet sunset light after the rain and chatted about photography. I remem­ber when I first encountered Cora’s photos on flickr. I was incredibly impressed with her photos and I thought that I need to get to know this girl. Somehow through vortex of various social media we eventually chatted with each other and I found out she would be vising London in September so I proposed a meeting up for coffee.

The coffee didn’t work out, neither  did an elaborate plan for visiting Hampstead Heath Pergola Garden. However after the rain we decided to make the most of last two short two hours before the sunset and chatted about photography and traveling, while strolling around the park with her and her com­panion Claudia and taking photos.

Meet inspiring people and offer them your support. Share your knowledge and amazing things will happen.



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London Lavender Love

On the beautiful summer afternoon in the beginning of August I went for a little excursion with Marta to escape some unnecessary stress. We visited Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey to do some test shots among these beautiful violet flo­wers. Lavender fields are specta­cular subject for photos and I strongly recommend to visit them to any photography lovers. Other than this there is really not much to do there other than strolling around and inhaling slightly more sweet than usual smell of lavender.

Model: Riennahera

Location: Mayfield Lavender Field, Surrey

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Druid Princess


The druid princess is picking up herbs. There has been a lot worries on her nerves lately. Camomille scent will soothe your aching soul. St Johns wort will make you happy and strong. Lavender ribbons will cool you down and set you into sleep in Morpheus' arms. With these words on her lips she chants, she whispers "Let the nature wash away my tears, let the herbs bring me back my dreams".
Herbal essences in the air left no trace of worries that caused sleeplessness in those past nights, you can forget about the stress of last days.







Model: Riennahera
Location: Angel

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Empty Magic Canvas of West London


I am all in the mess, in incredible chaos. My insomnia has started again and I cannot concentrate on anything productive and creative. I am making my best to pull off all the creative projects and then I am left alone with cancellations again. With bags underneath my eyes I am paying the price for a little of holiday heaven I pleasured myself with two weeks ago.

My room is a mayhem filled up with incense smoke and I am playing Bat For Lashes out loud, with the wind tarnishing the heavy green curtains of the window wide open. The only way I know to unwind. As the words spill out of me, the tension is leaving through my fingers on the keyboard.


"And when the battle was done I was promised my sun but with a thousand nights gone to any kingdom I run"

Today I am leaving you with the empty photos of the little streets full of magic windows and door and lovely corner shops between Notting Hill and Holland Park that were supposed to be the canvas for yet another model.

London Holland Park Ladbroke Grove Notting Hill West London Magic Doors Windows









Magic of London Street Photography, Holland Park, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, West London


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Back From The Nature Into The Routine


I am back from my week long summer holiday and I am already slightly lagging with my schedule of posting here. So I am sincerely apologizing if you were expecting something yesterday or on Sunday. I thought I was so sneaky creating two posts in advance to cover my absence from the keyboard and quite romantically I imagined myself crafting another post on the way back and just typing it when I come back home.

Everything must be a matter of organization, I thought, but I have seriously underestimated my tiredness after the trip and lack of time. My first priority after coming back was finishing edit of an editorial I did in June but quite frankly catching up with sleep was pushing itself forward. I can't tell you anything about the editorial until the beginning of August but I promise, it's some really exciting news!

Now I need to proceed with some final correction before submission and don't have time to sit down on a full length text for you right now, so I am leaving you with photos with wonderful stylish Riennahera in the forests and leaves of Cassiobury Park and Nature Reserve in Watford. I think these photos have magical witch like vibe that make up artist Izabela Knoff has also contributed to.

Stay inspired and see you in few days when I have some more words and brain power to write for you! Adios amigos!

Model: Riennahera

Make Up Artist: Izabela Knoff



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London Spots – Pinner Memorial Park


This has not been a fruitful month in terms of photography. I have tried to arrange quite a few TFP (to benefit portfolio) photoshoots and I had four cancellations. One has reached the apogeum and the model cancelled 20 minutes before the shoot which in the city as big as London is equal to standing someone out on the spot. Luckily I still have a lot of material to share with you and I am finding various ways to stay on the go and keep creating despite the obstacles. I still have more photos to share from my visit in Norway (the text still has to be edited. Don't worry, I will publish it soon).

However as much as I enjoy street and travel photography, my heart really lays in photographing people. Last week I was quite upset about no successful fashion shoots or even laid back photowalks in June and I was also still recovering from a cold. To lift up my bad mood, with my boyfriend, Ivan, we decided to go for a spontaneous photowalk in Pinner Memorial Park. Ivan is also a keen photographer himself, you can see some of his amazing images on his flickr photostream. I must say, we make a pretty good team when it comes to taking photos together and I am thankful for all his patience for all my weird ideas and hundreds of repetitions just to take that perfect shot. I am also quite pleased with the results of that shoot. We set out for a walk in the early evening and I was hoping for some sunset light. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy but I think it adds some soft feel to the photos. I am very happy to finally have some photos of myself on the blog.

Let me know what do you think about the photos. I hope you are enjoying the summer weather!