Sentiments of Secret Songs and Sangria

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That summer afternoon at the beginning of August was full of magic. Days were filled with sweet sticky heat refreshed by the breeze of sea. These were the last days of my freedom, last summer before the commitment to the adult life. I was exhausted with the travels and overwhelmed with the confusion that my life is about to change in a way I never experienced before. We spent lazy days walking around the woods, climbing the rocks of old capital of Finland, Turku, reading books, soaking our feet in the soft waves of the Baltic sea. Breathing in the stillness of the town. We cried, we laughed, somewhere under­neath our skins we felt that these are the last days of freedom like this and things are going to change forever.

That was the afternoon of secrets, songs and sangria. Sentiments and sadness take over me thinking how these days are behind me and in the speed of the days now the words of friendship do not get exchanged enough anymore.







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