This Is The Dawning of The Age Of Aquarius


Ever since I remember I was fascinated with the free spirited nature of hippies and charm of the festival style. Colorful patterns, crochet blouses, harem pants and enormous amounts of the bohemian jewellery have very much influenced my personal style. In May I teamed up with beautiful Bruja Estrella and make-up artist Izabela Knoff to create a flower power inspired photo shoot.

This was my first collaboration with Bruja Estrella and it was wonderful to discover how much the theme of the shoot reflects her personality in real life. She rarely stays too long in one place and her talent in modelling as well as spontaneous nature let her travel around the entire world.

You will be seeing Izabela’s work here more often, as she collaborated with me on few other photo shoots. She was also excited to do this beautiful festival inspired make-up you can see on the photos.

Pretty much all the outfits you can see here is a selection of clothes hunted in second-hand shops, bazaars and little flee markets. I am saying pretty much, because the burgundy blouse with mustard and orange and hand embroidered pattern was made a few years ago by me from an old t-shirt of my former flatmate Andrei. I have not given it any thought when I was preparing clothes for this editorial, but this turned out to be my first photo shoot as a fashion designer 😉





Model: Bruja Estrella

Make Up Artist: Izabela Knoff

2 thoughts on “This Is The Dawning of The Age Of Aquarius

  1. Katarzyna Mierzwa says:

    Ciekawy makijaż, piękne stroje, ale najbardziej zazdroszczę możliwości noszenia krótkich bluzek :), z moim brzuchem już to nie przejdzie ;).


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