The Perfect Strangers


I grew up feeling alienated and lonely. I was very slowly learning how to make friends with other kids that could not be more different from me. The rise of the Internet and social media introduced me to the nation of dreamers of this world and my heart was happy to discover that somewhere out there I belong. To those who daydream about the faraway lands, see beauty in the small things and are spiritual about music.

It became clear to me that one day I will pack my bags and leave home in search of the unknown and the minds alike.


When the very first opportunity arised I left my hometown to study abroad. I have met many wonderful and inspiring people since then and I could not overstate how thankful I am to the Internet for showing me that there is more to life that my safe four walls and making me believe that it could be mine only if I try.

Yet there is still a certain nostalgia for those days when each new thing you learn about  your friend was treasured. We loose our interest too fast with the constant social media updates. How beautiful it is to feel the excitement of awaiting the things to discover in friendships formed over years, appreciate their uniqueness instead of boredom and loss of interest after the instant access to everything superficial. To write letters and postcards.


Imagine my enthusiasm when yesterday when  through that very loved and hated social media channels I came across an old fashioned and nostalgic invitation to make friends from faraway lands. One of my recently favorite magazines ‘Oh Comely’ is inviting everyone to participate in their letter and package swap that takes place all around the world! ‘Oh Comely’ content is bright & dreamy, positive & calm. They describe themselves as a magazine that makes people smile, inspires creativity and encourages them to talk to their neighbours. Their project is called The Perfect Strangers and matches random people who signed up to participate to send each other little gifts or packages.

You can register for The Perfect Strangers Project here.


I have a good feeling that this whole idea with the letter swap thing is a wonderful way of making friends across the globe in an old-fashioned way but with a modern open mind. It also reminds me of primary school when in English classes we were encouraged to make pen pals from England. As a 10 year old I chickened out but now I have already signed up and I can’t wait to get matched up with my partner. And you? Are you ready to join?


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