At The Dawn of The Photography Adventures

IMG_6365I have been coming up with hundreds of excuses to postpone starting a blog. Being a perfectionist can be a drag sometimes. It is a wonderful feature of character to keep you improving your work but an extremely intimidating one when you want to make a first step. I was always telling myself that I would like to start a quality blog and for that I need to keep practicing writing but with a schedule lacking an hour for a calm dinner I was always struggling with finding more time to sit down and and write even one of the entire list of ideas for texts I have.

After an engineering degree I have stopped writing on a daily basis and lost my flow. I have thousands of thoughts to share, but I was scared to kick the blog machine before I have at least a few posts aligned. Good posts that is.

I have been waiting for too long, postponing to share my work with you until I am ready, while I was never becoming ready. I realized that I am missing the point. ‘Photography and Other Miracles’ was first and foremost supposed to be a platform for sharing magical photography and only secondly the rest of the miracles. Let the perfectionism drive me and my blogging becomes better with time. However every journey begins with a single step.

The first collection of photos I will share with you is a memory of a cool spring morning in Islington district, London with my friend Marta, a seasoned lifestyle blogger and author of Riennahera. Since my pen is not as sharp as her and I feel my photos speak louder than my words, I am leaving you with the visual medium.





IMG_6293Model: Riennahera

Location: Angel, London



2 thoughts on “At The Dawn of The Photography Adventures

  1. Manon Vacher says:

    I felt exactly the same thing with my photography at first and recognized myself when you wrote that beautiful sentence about perfectionism : ” but an extremely intimidating one when you want to make a first step.” It’s true that being a perfectionist is a struggle of everyday. It’s maybe a curse time to time. But… you said it, it forces you to get better and have the courage to improve your skills, as much as you can. While others would just give up.
    So, congratulations 🙂

    1. Kat says:

      Yes indeed! I am so glad that you tamed your perfectionism one day as well and you are sharing them with the world. Your photos are beautiful Manon, no wonder why they gather such attention.


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