Never Forget Norway – Part 2

Some of you, who are with me from the beginning of the blog, may remember that the layout and the posts looked slightly different in the beginning. The layout was much more based on the tradiotional text-centered posts not photography. I was still figuring out stuff, I am still figuring out stuff about how to run a blog and how I want mine to look like. 

In July I wrote a very lenghty post on my visit to Norway in summer 2014 mainly because I had lovely photos to share from that trip. It took me a few hours to put that text together and later I matched the photos to the story. That meant I didn’t choose the most interesting photos, these were all about light flickering through the trees and windows and a sweet scent of plants in Universitetets Botaniske Hage. They were about a heat of the summer wave cooled down by the drops of sea breeze. They were much about how Oslo felt than the facts from the guide book. And I was very disappointed that I never got to share them.

Soon I abandoned all the layout and started publishing my photosets as portfolio features. I wanted to share what I am the most proud of – photography. Text was always meant to be a secondary companion to the visual imagery of this blog. Ever since I started concentrating on photos and gave myself a space to breathe and write poorly, just to feature the photos, I started enjoying blogging much more. With lack of pressure in a limited sidebar space words started flowing better and I started feeling more confident and willing to share my thoughts. I became more hungry to share with you lenghty pieces of writing. However, my current form of publishing is good for photos and bad for words.

I am planning to change that. The more I publish the more I have a strong desire to share with you valuable content. The articles that I would like to read myself written in a style that would keep me coming back for more.

I have previously mentioned in my post Plans for 2016, that I am planning to redesign this layout. It’s a big that requires a lot of learning, time, attention and work but I find it essential to development of this blog, so that I can give you not only Photography but also Other Miracles that I promised to you.

Meanwhile, I am leaving you with my memories, how Norway felt. If you would like to know what I did there, feel free to read my post from July. Though you shell be warned, the photos featured there are not my finest work.

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