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Never Forget Norway – Part 2

Some of you, who are with me from the beginning of the blog, may remember that the layout and the posts looked slightly different in the beginning. The layout was much more based on the tradiotional text-centered posts not photography. I was still figuring out stuff, I am still figuring out stuff about how to run a blog and how I want mine to look like. 

In July I wrote a very lenghty post on my visit to Norway in summer 2014 mainly because I had lovely photos to share from that trip. It took me a few hours to put that text together and later I matched the photos to the story. That meant I didn’t choose the most interesting photos, these were all about light flickering through the trees and windows and a sweet scent of plants in Universitetets Botaniske Hage. They were about a heat of the summer wave cooled down by the drops of sea breeze. They were much about how Oslo felt than the facts from the guide book. And I was very disappointed that I never got to share them.

Soon I abandoned all the layout and started publishing my photosets as portfolio features. I wanted to share what I am the most proud of – photography. Text was always meant to be a secondary companion to the visual imagery of this blog. Ever since I started concentrating on photos and gave myself a space to breathe and write poorly, just to feature the photos, I started enjoying blogging much more. With lack of pressure in a limited sidebar space words started flowing better and I started feeling more confident and willing to share my thoughts. I became more hungry to share with you lenghty pieces of writing. However, my current form of publishing is good for photos and bad for words.

I am planning to change that. The more I publish the more I have a strong desire to share with you valuable content. The articles that I would like to read myself written in a style that would keep me coming back for more.

I have previously mentioned in my post Plans for 2016, that I am planning to redesign this layout. It’s a big that requires a lot of learning, time, attention and work but I find it essential to development of this blog, so that I can give you not only Photography but also Other Miracles that I promised to you.

Meanwhile, I am leaving you with my memories, how Norway felt. If you would like to know what I did there, feel free to read my post from July. Though you shell be warned, the photos featured there are not my finest work.

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Never Forget Norway – Part1

IMG_9637 - Copy

I have somewhat a traveler's soul. I am constantly tormented by the wanderlust and love for photography only makes my daydreams more frequent and vivid. Luckily for me, I have had a chance to visit a few wonderful places on this earth and I am not intending to stop there. It is almost impossible to represent and capture the beauty of the world in a photograph but I would like to share some of my memories here with you in a cycle on travel.

In the midst of the heat of last summer I visited Oslo completely by chance. It has been my first and only visit to Norway so far but I have fallen in love with its landscapes from the first sight, when the plane was flying in circles above the forests and calm lakes reflecting the cloudless sky.

IMG_9619 - Copy

I arrived with the last flight at night, half an hour before midnight, but the summer sky was still warm and bright. Within four hours I observed how the sun sets and rises breathing in the warm salty air infused with the smell of pine trees.

From the airport to the bus, to the train, to the town, I arrived in Oslo still at dawn when the coffee shops were still shut and the city was lazily grasping last minutes of sleep before waking up to the morning light. I fetched tickets and maps and wandered around Karl Johan's Gata in search of the coffee shops for my first kaffepause.

IMG_9668 - Copy

At 7 a.m. Oslo is still sleepy, it is hard to find freshly brewed coffee before 9 a.m. and my sleep deprivation was finally kicking in. Feeling the chill breeze from the fountain I took a short nap, on a bench like a hobo, in a little park in front of Nationaltheatret.

When the bells rang at 9 a.m. I was refreshed and excited. I visited an incredible majestic piece of functional architecture - Oslo City Hall. The building is very raw in its style, yet you can still find there subtly ornamented with astronomical clock on the northern tower and wooden reliefs representing scenes from Nordic mythology.


Rathus (how Norwegians call they're city hall) each year is a host of the Nobel Prize ceremony, which takes place in the main hall illuminated by the sun and with walls covered with enormous paintings by Henrik Sørensen picturing struggles of the Norwegian nation during the Second World War and their pursuit of independence.



After visiting Oslo City Hall I purchased my Oslo Pass, which I would recommend to any lonesome traveller who decides to visit this beautiful city on their own and not only! Oslo pass gives you a free access or considerable discounts on entrance fees to pretty much all the galleries and museums in the city in the price of the ticket. It also includes a travelcard for all types of public transport. In notoriously expensive Norway buying a tourist pass really helps you save money and gives you an instant access to a large number of  sites worth exploring.



Along with my Oslo Pass in the Tourist Information point I also came across a cute little map by USE-IT and it was my best friend during entire stay. USE-IT maps are created with advice of locals , humorous and designed for young people on low budget.

It was still morning and long before my anticipated check-in time at the hostel so with the backpack and with my new hip map and the Oslo Pass I went to explore the city.

Harbour House


I strolled around Akersshusstranda and admired boats and giant ships waiting for their turn to sail across the Baltic Sea. My next destination was Akerhus Castle.


After visiting Akershus Castle I paid a visit to the National Gallery where I have seen the works of famous artists, among others the expressionist Edvard Munch, author of the famous 'Scream'. However, it was not Scream that made the biggest impression on me, perhaps because I have seen it so many times already. I absolutely adored his 'Madonna' and I was stunned by 'The Kiss', presenting similar theme to my favorite painting of the same title by Gustav Klimt, representing the same scene, yet Munch painting is darker, more mysterious and ethereal, where the faces of the lovers are smudged and form one body.



I left the National Gallery emotionally loaded with new views and experiences and tired of the unforgiving heat after the bell rang three in the afternoon with the sense of relief I headed to my hostel. I dropped the backpack from my tired shoulders and refreshed myself with a shower. During that little break I recovered my energy for more adventures, which I am going to describe in another post. This one turned out so unexpectedly long! I hope you still made it until the end. I could never stop reminiscing my journeys. There are still a lot of memories and images to share about this wonderful Nordic capital.

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