Happy New Year

2015 has been a great year. It’s been hard, I admit, but I can’t say I regret any minute of it.  It was a year of hard work and action. I challenged myself in a paradigm shift and change of my philosophy. This was also a year, in which I fully and boldly went for a run to chase my dreams. I am happy and proud of myself for a year of consistent work and not giving up.

In 2015 I completed a Graphic Design Course for the beginners at Central Saint Martins and build a photography portfolio. I soon started blogging, something that I always wanted to do. I photographed 3 gigs, did 21 photoshoots and published 26 posts. I challenged my shyness, approached and befriended many wonderful people.

I learned a great deal about social media, networking and branding. I gathered a lot of theoretical knowledge about design and skilled up in using Adobe Creative Suite.

I daresay that in 2015 I have done more towards achieving my dreams than throughout my entire 4 years of university. Everything started with admitting in front of myself that what I like, is really what I would want to do with my life.

I would like to thank all my fantastic friends and family. The close ones and the ones I haven’t seen for years, thank you for all the support you gave me!

Let the next year be even more productive and fruitful than this one! I am wishing you all in 2016 to go after your dreams! Happy New Year!

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