19th October 2016No Comments

Autumn in Gold Dancing In The Wind

Leaves fall to the ground covering the dirty ground with rust. No other season ever makes redheads so attractive. Autumn brings back hugs to the bedrooms on the cold nights and tons of cinnamon tea. The heavy wind cries outside our walls competing for attention with the noises of the busy Camden High Street.

This time of the year I spend my evenings editing photos. Golden sun no longer shines after working hours. All the location shoots are left for the weekends under a question mark or an umbrella. Autumn brings calm after restlessness of the summer nights filled with running around with a camera, endless banter and saying yes to everything.

With rain and cold air outside and blues in my ears I let go of everything. It's easier to see clearly what is it that I really want and that I don't necessarily need it to happen right now. Good things require time to grow. These are just the days that must happen to you. Autumn is painfully beautiful, so short and dark, and I can never get rid of a feeling that it will never fully belong to me. Some things are supposedly more precious because they don't last for long. Autumn came with wind and gold, dancing dream that will end before it even started.

These photos are from a walk around Notting Hill with Riennahera in September. That day I had the most rogue sense of humour that clearly interfered with beauty and classiness of that neighbourhood. We discovered some wonderful secret gardens and elven houses but no, we didn't sneak in inside.

6th November 2015No Comments

Hello Autumn – Primrose Hill

This photos are nearly a year old and they come from the first photo shoot I did with Marta. It was way before I even started a blog and decided that I really want to show my photos out there in the world. I feel like these photographs have such a strong autumn feel with the leaves dancing in the wind and slowly falling onto the ground. I simply could not share them at any other time than in the middle of autumn and as I decided to go public with the website in the middle of spring, despite their obvious charm, they did not really fit the mood.

Having moved around London empowered me to do things that I always wanted to do – find courage to approach people I find interesting. I didn’t know anyone around and making friends was a challenge on its own. I thought what would be a harm in saying ‘Hey, I like your blog and I take photos myself. Would you like to meet up for coffee and a chat?’ and I was right, it worked like magic and I started meeting people I already shared some interests with over the web. Marta was the first friend I made like this. It was last autumn at Primrose Hill and back then we created the photos you can see here. I took at least 20 000 photos since then and my photography and editing style has strongly developed since then. I was shyly thinking I would like to get more into photography and create a portfolio and a year later I have one I am proud of and even more ideas hatching!

Modelling: Riennahera

Location: Primrose Hill, London