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As a freelance photographer setting up my own business I understand the struggles of young and small companies very well. When you're launching a website, you would want it to do it professionally with excitement that echoes like The Big Bang. In social media you wish to appear like a creative professional not a Sunday hobbyist. You hope your friends and personal networks would not only notice but help you spread the word. There is a lot of pressure to start the right way.
Photography is a wonderful way to tell a story without words. Good visuals grab attention better than the wittiest comment. People like good images and they have more positive feelings about brands that radiate with passion and personality.

Let me help you strengthen your brand by creating a memorable visual story about your business. Professional and positive image in the Internet will boost your confidence about your website and make you feel proud to share it with your network.

I offer photography for artists, freelancers, dreamers, startup founders, bloggers and small business owners. Admirers of beauty, creative souls and entrepreneurs, I would like to invite all of you into my photos. I would like to help you create the buzz and spread a word about your cool ideas. Tell me your story and let me take photos for your website and social media.
The portrait session usually takes around 2h and is shot at a location which we would select together in a story boarding stage before the shoot. We will start with a quick coffee, so that I can get to know you better and then we're off to take photos. I will provide you with 5 digital photos within 4 weeks from the shoot. I offer express editing with prices starting from £50 for a 2 weeks lead time and £100 for a one week delivery time.


How does the photo shoot look like?


Send me and email enquiry with preferred date for your photo shoot at magic@katterek.com. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any ideas for a photo shoot or suggestions for a location, you're more than welcome to include them in the email. You can expect me to reply within 24 hours.


Around a week before the portrait session I will arrange and email exchange to get to know you better. I will ask you about your inspirations and create a tailored mood board for the shoot. Based on this information and transport links convenient for you I will suggest a location for the shoot. Once the location is agreed, I will send you simple helpful tips for the clothing, make-up or useful props or accessories to bring with you. 

The Shoot

The portrait session will take approximately 2h. In the beginning, I will invite you for a cup of tea or coffee for a little chat to break the ice. Trust me, this half an hour over coffee works like magic, even if you're shy and nervous.

After the coffee we get ready for the photos, we would scroll around the location and try different shots. Don't worry, I will instruct you on the poses, it's really not difficult. Expect me to talk a lot of ridiculous things and try to make you smile. I hope we'll have a lot of laugh and you will send me that cool song you mentioned before.

After The Shoot

Processing of the photos is an art that requires a lot of reflection. Sometimes you need to step back to perfect the edit. I can safely promise you to deliver you a bright and shiny set of photos in you mailbox within four weeks after the shoot.

Danni Telkianova in Sofia

If you have any questions, feel free to ask send me an e-mail at magic@katterek.com. I hope to hear from you soon!