What is the project about?

‘Nation of Dreamers’ is a cycle of posts featuring people who are willing to work on their passions. Each of us have dreams and aspirations we are longing in our daydreams, telling ourselves that we do not have enough time to pursue them.

I have always admired people who despite the lack of time and diverse adversities take time to work on their passions and interests. The people who would take a risk and quit their job when the opportunities arise. The people who spent sleepless nights and  to build the dream of their own.

In this cycle of posts I will introduce you to the dreamers of action. In a series of interviews I will be telling stories of journeys in pursuit of dreams. I am interested in answers for questions such as 'How did I get where I am now?' and "How do I get where I want to be?". The recurring themes of the feature series will be a passion and dedication.

I hope to inspire you to join us and do something you always dreamed about. Even if you can only spare 30mins a day for that hobby. ‘Nation of Dreamers’ is a tribute to the people who are not waiting for things to happen but go out and make them happen.

How to be featured?

Currently I am looking for interesting stories around London. If you think you think you are a good fit to be featured in "Nation of Dreamers" e-mail me at katterekbooking@gmail.com and tell me what you're currently working on.