15th February 2016No Comments

Poisonous Passion For Perfection

Grand expectations and spectacular breakdowns. Fire that burns and leaves smoldering ruins. Bruised dreams and leftover hangover. With my eyes on fire I have blinded myself.  Woken up in the ashes of my own mistakes. Hoping slowly I will emerge back with grace.

Shot in Kentish Town, London, on 6th of February 2016

Make- Up Artist: Slavomira Polesovska

Models: Marissa Charles, Elisaveta ShashenkovaKatja Cemic

Styling: Me


21st December 2015No Comments

Pontoon Deck Pleasure Garden

Tomorrow is a winter solstice, the shortest and the darkest day of the year. For that occasion I would like to brighten up the darkness and bring some more visual heat and summer mood to your hearts. I will share an editorial created during the longest and the warmest day of this year.

The main star of these photos is Hannah Honey, the winner of Born To Model reality TV modelling contest. I am sure that as you scroll through the photos and see her expressive poses, you will have now doubt about how she charmed the jury.

The entire shoot was styled and organized by Leo-Maria Jay from Leo Management and the make up was done by Damiva Beauty. Leo also introduced me to this magical location – Pontoon Deck Pleasure Garden.

If you like parks and open spaces and are looking for a place to chill in East London then you should check it out. It’s not really my part of London, so I don’t think I would have scouted it myself, so I am very happy about this discovery.

I hope you would enjoy the summer vibe and like the photos.