For The Love of Light

Victorian buildings are splattered with the spots of light. Golden patches illuminate the sandstone balustrades, brighten red rusty bricks, highlight handsome arches. Tired buildings come alive. Young glass towers that know nothing about the city life, catch the sun and share the light around.

Canterbury, Cliffs of Dover & Sandwich

Canterbury town centre is full of small street with medieval and gothic architecture, bustling with energy and inviting to surrounding coffee shops. I swear, I could spend my whole life drinking latte and reading books in cozy cafeterias, if was ever given that choice in exchange for a chance to visit them all.

Bringing Back The Blog

Nearly 4 years passed since I published my last blog post and decided that blogging isn’t really for me. And it’s true, blogging probably isn’t. Especially not the strange form of it that I was trying to exercise those few years ago. But writing for me and so is sharing photos and telling stories, sharing experiences opinions and inspiration.

Tate Modern

I don’t remember when my fascination with photographs representing people in front of artwork started. Probably Pinterest, because, let’s be honest that’s where a lot of fascinations recently start. Especially…