Hi there, wonderful soul, welcome to my little internet world. Here, you will find photographs, stories, memories and other pretty useless musings. Mainly from my travels, reflections and walks around London.

My name is Kat and I am am a self confessed modern mystic. I believe in miracles and that we should all be trying to build a better world. I am a bedroom artist and I am addicted to creating. I probably read too much but that's okay because "I have my books and my poetry to protect me".

I used to dream of becoming a professional photographer and shot countless fashion editorials. I got published in a bunch of indie fashion magazines and collaborated with a number of fashion brands, before I burned out and came to conclusion - fashion industry is not for me. This left me with a rich photography portfolio and levelled up my skills on how tell stories in a visual way.

Now, I'm just a dreamer with a camera. I search for light and beauty in every day life and constantly chase new things to remind myself how beautiful the world around me is. Liberating myself from that ambition has unleashed my creativity to go in all possible directions. Lately I've been only sharing them only on Instagram but it's time to reclaim this website as my own private gallery.

Some things haven't changed. I am still inspired with magic, folklore & rock'n'roll. I still love and live bohemian aesthetics and turn my face towards the moon every night. If anything, there will be more of what I love here, than just what I think I should be showing.

I hope you enjoy my musings.

Lots of love!

Kat Terek